I am pleased to welcome you to the official web site of Carbopol “North America”. I hope that this resource will help you to get to know our product.

We are always open to new opportunities and would be happy to begin collaboration wherever you are located.

Sincerely yours,
Founder of “Carbopol” Poland
Mr. Janusz Grzyb

Carbopol was established in 1999 in Poland by Janusz Grzyb.

A chemist by education, a businessman by vocation - he created the formula for a quick-light charcoal, a leading product for sale in any location.

The distinctive quality of Carbopol charcoal is it’s revolutionary formula of ignition without the use of niter.

Carbopol has grown to be the dominant market leader for fast-lighting charcoal for use in hookahs and for religious needs. Today, goods with the Carbopol brand are the most requested in the charcoal industry. Carbopol ships charcoal to more than 40 countries with new markets opening each year new markets for its product.

Carbopol charcoal is revolutionary product in the area of the fast lighting charcoals.

Carbopol’s production uses high quality equipment, new for the charcoal industry – with its production based on the innovative design of our products.

Due to its unique formula, Carbopol charcoal is easy to use and most importantly, is fast to ignite.

The charcoal heats evenly and gives optimum heat during its entire burn time.

Carbopol doesn’t contain nitre-chemical elements, which are dangerous for health - used often by other charcoal manufacturers to reduce the cost of production. The typical indication of nitre presence in charcoal is usually the headache accompanying hookah smoking.

In 2010, Carbopol was found new revolution product on hookah market – RING charcoal. The special shape of tablet is given more heat and longer period of using for all hookah-smokers. RING charcoal became a leader in European Union, some part of Middle East and CIS countries.

We are glad to offer you the original RING charcoal in US market.

Carbopol charcoal is a natural product; its composition is safe for health, which has been confirmed by the international certificate issued by Poland’s Ministry of Health.

Company “Carbopol” produce 2 brands: Carbopol and Ring charcoal. Carbopol charcoal is produced in form of tablets with the diameters of 28 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm.
Ring charcoal is produced in form of tablets with the diameter of 38mm. You can find more information on: Download presentation

You can use RING charcoal in a standard way. But we would like to offer you some other ways to do this.

1. Prepare a hookah cup the way you are used to

2. Break the tablet into 3 or 4 pieces if needed, otherwise use it in one piece

3. Light the pieces of charcoal and wait until the effective layer burns down and the charcoal turns red

4. Place the charcoal evenly on the cup

5. Enjoy the shisha!

1. Prepare the spiral of foil a 5-7mm high before hand

2. Prepare the cup with more holes made its center

3. Light up a whole tablet of charcoal until the effective layer burns down and the charcoal turns red (You should light up the
Carbopol RING charcoal from the center and the regular Carbopol charcoal from the edge)

4. Place the spiral on the cup, and place the charcoal on top of it

5. Enjoy the shisha!
Carefully use tongs to move the charcoal. Please note that due to the unique production technology without the use of chemicals, the charcoal becomes more fragile while burning.
Do not move the charcoal to remove ash. This ash helps to control the temperature of the charcoal and protects the tobacco from pre-mature burning.

Charcoal composition for the hookah RING is safe for health, which is confirmed by the international certificate issued by Poland’s Ministry of Health. RING charcoal doesn’t content nitre. The charcoal’s fast lighting is attained through the use of a special blend of natural food-based ingredients.


For the highest quality smoking and to honor safety regulations, we advise observing the following rules:
  • ● Store charcoal in a dry location

  • ● Ignite charcoal in a well-ventilated area

  • ● Do not ignite charcoal while it is placed ion the hookah bowl

  • ● Hold the charcoal during ignition with special pincers

  • ● Do not touch lit charcoal with fingers

  • ● When igniting the charcoal wait until all its surfaces start to    turn red and only after this by place the charcoal of the bowl and start smoking
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